When It Comes To Weight Loss, One Size Does Not Fit AllTM

Everyone faces unique challenges when it comes to weight management.
Oftentimes, starting the conversation about weight loss with a healthcare provider can be the hardest part. However, having an open and honest conversation is essential for your success.

Ready to Start the Conversation? Let Us Help

We created our Personal Weight Loss Assessment to help guide you in productive conversations with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Some helpful tips when speaking to your doctor:

  1. Keep the conversation honest. Let your healthcare
    provider know about your struggles.
  2. Share the issues and challenges you face with cravings and hunger.
  3. What are your weight and health goals?
  4. Discuss your overall health.
  5. Use your personal weight loss assessment to guide your conversation. It is intended to help you reflect on your weight loss efforts as well as serve as a guide on what important points to bring up with your doctor.

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Ready to Talk to a Doctor? Let Us Help

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